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new [19 Nov 2004|09:01am]

if you care. come and dare? (dare's the only thing i know that rhymed at the time :D)

add me first and i'll be sure to despair[or add back] (i suck at riddle poems thingy lmao)
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La la la la la! [18 Nov 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm so into music right now! I love Greenday SOOOOOO much! They rawk! So here is some cool songs that I think you ALL should download because the songs RAWK! n_n

Predictable --> Good Charlotte
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams --> Greenday
Nobody's Home --> Avril Lavigne (yeah usually I don't like Avril but this song is pretty good)
Same Old Song --> Boy
Vertigo --> U2
Ironic --> Alanis Morisette
Pain --> Jimmy Eat World

I love music :)

Tag board isn't working for me... :( I'm mad because now my tagboard looks like a dorkwad just sitting there with an empty ugly white internet optimizer >.<

Haha I gotta go finish my math homework... hopefully I can without getting distracted ^_^


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Guess what I made! [15 Nov 2004|08:37pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

A Site! *dances around in joy throwing confetti* I'm proud too!!


I'm not gonna try to get hosted because I don't know if my interest in this site will stay very long ^_^ hopefully soon though because I like the name of my site and my layout! n_n it's cute and I got a whole bunch of things set up already so it's all up and running!

I still got the pox :( but thank god it's almost over!!! This nightmare is almost OVER!!!

ugh hyperness... it's gonna kill me someday... :)

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My face... [10 Nov 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | sick ]

looks like a boiling potatoe.

I have the chicken pox. Started around Sat. and I'm missing a whole week of school. One good thing, no school for a week. One bad thing, I'm going to be so behind on everything when I get back. It's not so itchy thank god. I'm lucky that way but the chicken pox decides to attack my face so there's a million of them on my face and I hope HOPE HOPE that it won't scar. *prays*

I had the chicken pox for a while but I was to lazy to post here but I did get to catch up on commenting on everybody's livejournal! n_n Yay!

Does anyone know any good ways to stop itching and to heal it or whatever ways to help chicken pox?!


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[04 Nov 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I don't feel like having a subject today haha.... couldn't think of one.

Today was a history field trip. I hung out w/alot of people... Heidi, Amanda, Allie, Missy, Michalene, Carolyn, Laura, Cory, Doug, etc. Mostly Amanda and Heidi. It was ... interesting! The presentation was sort of crappy because these people are WAY toooo happy and it was mostly a battle between Central and this one school Aunt Sullivan haha! We kept booing that school and it was pretty sad haha! But afterwards, we got to goto exhibits and we went to this Tornado one and it was HILARIOUS because everyone got scared! But the thing is, I went to that already w/my friend Emma 2 years ago so I knew what was going to happen but everyone started to freak out... funny as hell! Then we went to a recording studio thing w/the song Funkytown and it was SO FUNNY. We started to head bang just for fun lol! Yes, we did look like dorks haha!

I had detention for the first time... :/ annoyed the crap out of me because it was all because I forgot my text book for the FIRST time. DAMN mrs. Cregan is SCARY.

I have a volleyball banquet to goto. Gotta get ready ciao! n_n

//Edit:Sorry I haven't been commenting... I hardly even have time to post... I'll catch up soon I promise! <3

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doooodd.... [01 Nov 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

My life is pathetic... really...

I'm not gonna post on greatest journal for a while because it's just too much work and I might even start a new livejournal. Number one... to start out fresh... and number two... to see who would come and follow me... then I would know who actually cares and GOES to my livejournal and read it. I'm smart, eh?! Haha.

Okay here's a poll for everybody... I'm thinking of a new name for my new site and this is ESPECIALLY important because for once, I don't wanna get old of it... I want to keep it for awhile. So...

Contestant #1: After The Sun Sets
Contestant #2: Midnight Kiss
Contestant #3: 38th Avenue
Contestant #4: Painted Smile

And (if you know me THAT well) think of what matches ME most haha! ^^

I was already thinking of a new livejournal username and I thought of "dirtysocks" but SOMEONE ALREADY USED IT... grrr.... too many used usernames now haha... anyways... I might just do _dirtysocks but I don't know... does that look as cool as just dirtysocks? *and the moment tenses* haha YES, I'm a dork...

Wow... I really like using dot dot dot right now...

My day was actually a good day! I would've thought that this day was gonna end up crappy as heck because it STARTED crappy as heck. I woke up with my grandma and my (stupidstupidstupid) sister yelling at me to get up. I miss the bus. Almost late for my first class. But then everything turned around when Ian, in math, sat NEXT TO ME! Or, at least, HAD TO haha. It was new seating arrangement and I'm closer to Heidi (much closer) and THE CLOSEST EVER to Ian! YIPPEE!! Bring on the cheerios! Haha. But I have SO MUCH homework today and it's all just blah and I'm going to get Mc Donalds soon yay! Wow, I'm very random today too!

My friend, Sara, just dyed her hair redish with her real natural hair which is like dark brown, and with her blondish highlights and she looks AWESOME AS F***! And it really makes me want to dye my hair red! *sniffle* But my mom refuses to let me dye ANYTHING. HMPH.

Yeah, halloween...?... crap. I didn't get to go anywhere because my mom decides to ground me from everything just because of my attitude. I was so pissed off. I didn't get to goto the movies with my BEAUTIFUL Kayla and GRR. Whatever I'm just mad cuz I didn't get any free candy :(

I'm so hyper and BLAH right now haha so I think I should stop before I reveal anything *dum dum dum* Haha.


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HMMM.... [23 Oct 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I made a greatestjournal! ScarletGlow http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/scarletglow add me! I don't have ANYTHING on it yet though. I'll work on it later. I'm too busy working on this lj right now. I wanna get more friends and put more cooler things in it lol. I'm gonna delete some people who never comment on my posts and never post themselves. There's no point in keeping them and I'm on the lookout for new friends! n_n

Felt the need to plugging Bonbon! n_n
Join! It's an awesome place with lots of friendly people there! n_n I love it!

I went to Heidi's house today with Kayla. We all hung out and it was a partay. There's this guy who is starting to act like Nick (that scary stalker guy who I hate his guts) and it's annoying me. But at least he's not annoying he's just pathetic and funny haha n_n

My parents got into this thing with my sister which I can't say on here. (it's too personal) and just know it got SO UGLY. And now my parents want to move to another state. I'm SO MAD. I do not want to move. Plus, they want to move to Tennessee. TENNESSEE??! I mean, I have nothing AGAINST Tennessee but the realitives over there (which is the reason my dad specifically pick Tennessee) are SUCH BITCHES. I visited them once and I HATE THEM. They were so mean to me gRRR. And now I feel sad beacuse I don't wanna leave my house, friends, Central, specifically Heidi and Kayla to goto to Tennessee! ;__; I hope my parents are just trying to scare us because, really, it's WORKING.

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n_n [22 Oct 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I FIXED IT! And it has a cute new layout/background thingy plus a cute icon! *confetti* *pats on back*

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GRR [22 Oct 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I was TRYING to change my layout with new colors and something happened and all my overrides and colors were all messed up! X.x so I'm too lazy to change it all again and I about to goto my friends' house so I'll keep it ugly for now and change it when I get back lol!


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Grool! [21 Oct 2004|04:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I watched Mean Girls! Yes, I know, finally, eh? I think it's hilarious haah! I just thought it was just a bit weird that Regina got hit by a bus?! Haha, just a bit weird there lol. And Lyndsay did pretty well too. For those who haven't seen Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, it sucked. Lol I felt pretty sad for Lyndsay Lohan because she didn't do so well in that movie. But anyways, I LOVE Mean Girls n_n

Yay it's a four day weekend! *confetti* I got to sleep in late, or, at least I was SUPPOSED TO. My sister came in my room at like 8 o'clock with some problems which I will not state in MY journal lol. So we just talked for a while and then I got up and got online and I realized that I should blog haha but I was too lazy so yeah.

Does anyone know a good blogging place where you can do site stuff too? Like pitas or something? I'm making a blog site with my two friends but they have no html experience whatsoever but we want a site and I tried pitas but the username was used X.x any ideas?

I might goto Carolyn's house tomorrow and then Heidi's on Saturday yay! I was supposed go with Carolyn, Brian, and Saarika to snuffies for lunch but I couldn't. DAMN. Oh well I'll see later on haha. I bet it's gonna be fun tomorrow! n_n

I'm gonna change the colors on my lj. I just plain without a background for now because I've had these layout thingy for the longest time and now it's bugging me lol. I made a new icon though! Yay! It's Cameron Diaz (she rocks) and it says Smile and WEIXIAO which means smile in chinese!


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PICTURES!!! [17 Oct 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Most of these were in the last day of school and if not, they were over the summer at Heidi's house n_n ENJOY!

Left To Right: Sarah, Caitie, Anna, Cassie, Tegan, And Sara (the person very up close to the camera is Cece)
This is a whole bunch of homies at Davannis on the last day of school. Someone else was taking a picture and Heidi decides to snap one too and that's why they're looking the other way lol!

Left To Right: Sean, Paul, Paul N, and Cheng (Hudson in the background with the funny face lol)
Some of the guys on the last day of school, last hour, geography.

Left To Right: Heidi, Kayla, ME!
Hanging out at Heidi's house last summer, we were about to goto the movies. (Kayla brought over lei's so we all were attacking them and looked like losers by wearing them to the movies lol!

Picture we took on the last day of school. Ramsey, our Jr High, is right in the middle past the cars and that one big building. (it's really hard to see hehe)

AMANDA aka MANDY MOOSTER! Last day of school HELL YEAH! Haha we were all excited and running around making sure people signed our yearbooks and Heidi just snapped a pic of Amanda before we had to leave.

Left To Right: Laura, Noah, Heidi, Vicki, Audra, Kayla, and ME!
We were hanging out after school on the last day of school at the College Campus lol. They had this cool little dome thngy and we made Noah jump up and right the bell lol!

SEXY ME! Wearing Heidi's sexy hat in her sexy room lol. Lots of sexiness goin on in this picture lol!

Last day of school in geography, last hour, taking a final test. Heidi's didn't have to take it because she had mono and missed half of the 2nd semester so she just sat there helping me cheat lol *shh don't tell* and I just took a random pic of her lol! Sysie is behind her trying to finish his test btw lol.

Left To Right: Paul N, Nick, and Wesley
2 Minutes from the bell and we're all happy!

Heidi and Kayla with their sexy selves! n_n

Breanna (she'd kill me if she knew that I put this pic of her up lol) with 2 frickin boxes of starbursts. DAMN she was hungry lol!

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Homecoming.... [16 Oct 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

was fun! Or some of it at least lol! The pep fest was okay i guess. They cut it short on the hip hop dancers and I was so made because they rocked! And the dance line... SUCKED ASS. I'm seriously it looked like they all were randomly dancing that didn't even look like dancing lol! The game was so cold but it was hella fun and we actually won! Haha but I was disappointed in the crowd. SSP homecoming game was like packed and us, only half the stands were filled in and not even half. That's pathetic I'm ashamed of you people! lol! The dance was awesoem though I danced with a whole bunch of people and this time I was like AHH and all shy I was like whatever I'm gonna dance and my freshie shirt rocked! My friends and I made cool Central shirts with freshie 08 on the back and central air-brushed on the front and it's awesome! n_n

Sorry I haven't posted in while. Haven't had much time grr. I have a bunch of homework to do tomorrow I'm just gonna stay home and work on it. And if I finish it early, I'm gonna work on a new layout for my lj *confetti* YAY!! Haha yeah, I'm weird.

Okay, there's this guy who annoys the crap out of me. He likes to annoy me and today I just blew up at him haha. Here's the convo:

nick: i was by ur house today
me: cool
nick: i looked in your window
me: sure you did
nick: i did
nick: ur cute pj's
neary: quit it
neary: it's not funny
neary: leave me the fuck alone

and I waited for him to reply to me but he didn't haha that loser!

Not much more to say but be prepared to see some awesome pictures because my friend scanned some pictures and she sent them to me!! WHHEEE!! So all I have to do is resize them because they are huge and the next entry will be all sexy pictures haah! n_n


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I just noticed something! [10 Oct 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

People comment more on my short entries lol n_n I get so much more comments haha!
Here's another short entry n_n

Join Jeni's new MB! It's awesome and we need more people n_n

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GRR [08 Oct 2004|07:54pm]
Grades are bugging me... Only the two B's and the one C. My dad will flip out. ARGH. Hopefully I'll raise them soon ^^

I'm excited for tomorrow whoopee not a big entry toodles.
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Tired Yo [07 Oct 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

My day was tiring today ...

Since the morning is starting to be FRICKIN cold I moved a little heater thing (since my dad refuses to turn on the heat HMPH) into my room and I turned it to seven and I didn't know that the heater was THAT strong so I woke up SWEATING lol it was pretty funny!

I was too tired and cold and exhausted to swim in gym today so I "had my period" and I got excused hehe I'm cool! But Mr. Brink says "Menstrual" so loud and the pool room echoes so when he says it, the whole class hears it and the guys think I'm for real X.x haha it's pretty sad!

Heidi got her beautiful chocolates today! And I got to eat most of it!! And let me say, hot fudge melts rock my socks!

I was invited to goto my friend's Rachael's house for her birthday tomorrow but I decided not to go because her friends are all snobby and I don't want to deal with them so I'll just hang out with her later but the good news is that I get to goto Carolyn's house with Saarika and Brian on Saturday and it's gonna be a partay! I'm gonna meet all Carolyn's friends and her boyfriend to be specific! ^^

I really hate my lunch right now. Cassie and Maggie went to sit by Alex today and Breanna hung out with Elise so I was stuck there all alone looking like a loser with no friends but I DO HAVE FRIENDS! I wanna goto Lunch A (I have lunch C) because my Kaywa and Heidster are there and so are my other good friends! I'm the only one with Lunch C! I'd rather goto Lunch B too because Saarika and Missy are there! ;__; Lunch sucks! X.x

Anyways off to comment on people's LJ and sleep! Toodles!

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My Guinea Pig... [02 Oct 2004|12:58am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


This morning at 6:45 my guinea pig died. I was the last to touch him at around 6:30 and he just died silently and I cried that morning then I realized that I still had to goto school so I had to dart to the car.

I went to the SSP (south saint paul) homecoming game (btw I goto Central in case you don't know) because my friend's bf goes there and we were gonna hang out. It was okay. My friend's bf was being a jackass and he was pissing me and my other friend Kayla off. Yeah and I met up with my friends Saarika and Darby and Darby's bf at the game and it was all funness.

I'm so glad it's friday.

Just to let you guys know, I won't be able to go online for a while because my parents are like GRR and so I snuck up today to post this and quickly comment on people's LJ.


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[27 Sep 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | Shitty Mood And Pissed Off ]

My house is a living hell.

Or it is right now. My dad came back from the hospital and he is like in the crappiest mood ever and it's pissing me off because now my mom can be a bitch and my dad won't defend me anymore. Just because this morning Miss Precious Bitch (amy) just HAD to "try on" (which really means try it on and then beg my parents to make me let her borrow it, she's such a bitch) my black, cute, never worn yet, skirt and I was like HELL NO! So she started making a big bitchy fuss and so my dad blew up and now everyone is blaming it on me. GRR. It's so pissing me off. And now my mom won't let me goto Kayla's party on Friday. I'm not even gonna try to work out of it. I'm pissed of at my parents and I (right now) hate them GRR.

Anyways I don't have much time to do my homework so I gotta go and write a report on the stupid Moon Festival GRR.

Hehe toodles


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THIRD PLACE [25 Sep 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | Amused ]

I was at a Edina Volleyball Tournament today. We sucked ass and only won one team but then we felt proud because we found out that everyone else is sophmore and we're all freshman so we rock the third place whoohoo! And we made up three cool cheers!

Whenever we serve a really good ball:
Captains: What?
Team: Okay!
(the way that one ghetto dude says it if that even makes sense haha)

Whenever we spike a nice hit:

When the game first starts:
Teammates on the bench: CENTRAL!!
Starters on the court: 08'!!

Yeah it was fun though haha! And I think I played really well too hehe! But now it sucks because I'm competing for a spot in the court against my friend and she's all like GRR with me. DAMMIT.

My dad had his appendix taken out today (sp on appendix) at like two in the frickin morning. He's in the hospital right now and when I went to see him, I felt sad because he looked like he was in alot of frickin pain. My poor daddy :(

I'm watching Drop Dead Gorgeous right now. Hilarious!


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Don't Wanna Be An American Idiot [22 Sep 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | Tired And Not Ready For Homewo ]

Hehe I love that song. I'm gonna burn the new Green Day CD soon. Hopefully my mom will buy cd's soon haha. Anways...

Today sucked. The JV coach subbed for my coach today and she was yelling at us the whole frickin time and I seriously wanted to punch her. And she made us all do like these sprinting things which trust me, isn't fun.

My dad got mad at me yesterday. He said I have an attitude. I actually agree but hey, that's me haha. I only have it with him, my mom, and my sis because I hate my sis and my parents are so unfair with me and my sister. She gets EVERYTHING and it's like GRR.

My vb team is now defeated :( we were undefeated for a while now and stupid Harding comes along and beats us and it sucked. My coach was so pissed off. AHHCKK that's why she made the JV coach us today. Let's hope tomorrow's game turns out better haha!

God my classes suck right now. We have so much homework and I hardly get any sleep now grr. And I have to push my site to the side for now. I was hoping to be able to work on it on the weekends but I'm working on stupid essays. These teachers do not know when to stop GRR *throws books at them*

Smallville is playing tonight :) just thought I ought to announce that heeh!

Anyways off to do my frickin homework


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such a shitty day.. [18 Sep 2004|03:50pm]
My mom is being "dramatic" and it's so annoying. She's trying to "not care" so my sister can shut up and leave her alone and it's not working so I'm just stuck in the middle of this long story that I'm not gonna get into today haha.

We won Humbolt yesterday whoohoo! It was fun but some people were annoying. They just won't call the ball and let the ball go by and now we have to run 9 laps on Monday grrrrbitches. HMPH.

After the game my friend told me that my best friend on the volleyball team, Angelina, is having a surprise party so "supposedly" needed a ride to her house and my dad will pick me up from there (heeh) and we surprise her and she was all like AHHHH haha it was funny! And I met her 3 good friends. Two went to Highland and one went to Cretin (you guys probably don't even know these schools but whatever haha) and I had fun heeh!

My neck hurts like hell. I hit my head while diving for the ball yesterday at the game and their floor is PAINFUL!! GRR! It's not like a regular gym, it's like hard concrete or soemthing because damn that hurted AHH.

I have an essay to do and I have to get it peer edited... then I have some math hw... not so much though so hooray... and I have chinese packet to work on and an english autobiography hehe... some happy weekend.

Oh and btw I FINALLY switched out of spanish! Screw Espaniol and Hello Zhongguo Wen! Hehe I'm cool I'm cool!

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